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The perfect crime. Story By: Enrique Anderson Imbert 1910-2000
-I thought I’d had committed the perfect crime. Perfect the plan, perfect

his execution. And so the corpse was never found I hid it

where no one occurred to look for it: in a cemetery. I knew

the convent of Santa Eu­lalia was deserted from years

and that there were no nuns who buried to nuns in their cemetery.

CE­menterio white, beautiful, even cheerful with its Cypress and paradises to

banks of the river. The Iapydes, all equal and orde­nadas as stonemasons of

garden around a beautiful image of Jesus Christ, it looked as if

the same dead should keep them clean. MF error:

I forgot that my victim had been a furious atheist. Appalled by the

Companion grave which I lay them aside, that night the dead

they decided to move: crossed the River to swim, taking with him the tombstones

and they arranged the cemente­rio on the other side, with Jesus Christ and all. A day

travelers going by boat to the village of Fray squint looked to his right

the cemetery had ever seen on your left. For a moment,

confounded them hands and believed that they were sailing in

opposite direction, as if return Fray Bizco, but immediately

advirtirieron that it was a removal and die­ron part to the authorities.

Police went to inspec­cionar the site formerly occupied by the cemetery

and digging where the Earth seemed freshly removed, took the ca­daver (by

that night, the souls in the mon­jitas penalty returned very relieved,

with the cemetery in tow) yde research research…; ibueno!

already, judge you know the rest.
Don’t complicate happiness. Story By: Marco Denevi 1922-1998

Setting is in a park. Sitting under the trees, she and the man she’s with kiss.
-He: I love you.
-She: I love you.
Go Back to kissing.
-He: i love you
-She: i love you.
He is violently of foot.
-He: Enough!, is always the same? Why do that when I tell you I love you not answering that housewives to another?
-She: What other?
-He: to nobody. But what you say to that is jealousy. Jealousy feeds the love. Stripped of the stimulus, the love languishing. Our happiness is too simple, too monotonous. There is that complicate it a little. Do you understand?
-She: I didn’t want to tell you because I thought that’s superfluous. But you guessed it.
-He: what do you guess?
She gets up, moves a few steps.
-She: I loved another.
He: Says you to please myself. Because I asked for.
She: no, I love to another.
-He: What other?
-She: I don’t know.
A silence. He has a grim expression.
-He: then is it true?
-She: (gently) if it is true.
He walks around doing his gestures of anger.
-He: i feel jealousy. Not like I’m going, believe me. I feel jealousy. I want to kill another.
-She: (gently) is there.
-He: where?
-She: there, behind those trees.
He: what does it do?
-She: spy on us. He is also jealous.
-He: I am looking for them.
-She: Careful, he wants to kill you.
-He: I am not afraid.
He disappears among the trees. To be alone, she laughs.
-She - that children are the men! For them, to love is a game.
You hear a gunshot. She leaves for a good laugh.
-She: Juan.
-She: (highest) John.
-She: (shouts) John!
Silence. She runs and disappears among the trees. After a few moments you will hear the heartbreaking shout for it.
-She: John!
Silence. After the curtain falls.

Totally unrelated Simpson theme Video Game

Homer Simpson fighting zombies in the cemetery—LEVEL UP!

The classic arcade video game come home—The Simpsons Konami style!

Closing in—Video game chaos

Closing in—Video game chaos

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