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Chun Li Vs. Mai S

SNK VS Capcom

The last time I played this it cost me two nickels at Nickelcade

Oh July!

Ever notice how people usually past by the forgotten summer month of July? When people ask at the end of the summer—they always say August. What did you do, in August? What happened to you at August?

Between you and me, August is my least favorite summer month, because it’s a glaring reminder that my time is almost up and summer is almost over—I’d have to go back to school soon or back to work—I don’t want vacation time to be over, especially since I’m not allowed to travel and to take a real vacation.

Question regarding Mulltiple Choice

When D all of the above is the correct answer, shouldn’t any answer you choose be the right one and not be marked or counted as wrong. because all of the above really means all of these and everyone of these answers should be counted as the right one

For example:

What does Ronaldo do to stay awake:

A: He drinks a lot of coffee and smokes

B: He dances in place

C: He does jumping jacks

D: All of the above

In reality, Ronaldo does all of those things to stay awake. that’s what all of the above means, he does all of those.